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Laminate & Engineered Wood Flooring

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We can lay your laminate or engineered wooden floor at a cost per square metre. You don’t even need to get a full quote ! You can work out how much this will cost straight away.

Measure your floor area by measuring the length and the width of the room in metres.

Multiply the length x width and the answer is your square metre of flooring.

(A room measuring 2 metres in length and 2 metres in width is 2×2 = 4 square metres)

For laminate we charge £15 per square metre to lay. This applies to any laminate and any thickness.

For engineered wood, we charge £20 per square metre to lay. This applies to any engineered wood and any thickness.

We won’t count and charge for cuts and corners as other tradesmen do. We don’t cut corners either !

Included within the price per metre is the laying of the underlay, of your choosing. We are happy to advise on a suitable underlay.

We can lay materials provided by you, or you can buy them through us.

At Spiller’s Services, we don’t charge profit on materials and we can source the right materials for the job, including the floor, the underlay , the edge strips and door bars, all at the right price. We then lay them all for the prices stated above.

Just email or call for details .