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Spiller’s Services was formed out of frustration with tradesmen that came to work on my own home and never quite managed to live up to expectations . Maybe you have been in a similar position ?

Have you experienced tradesmen :

  • Not getting back in touch

  • Always demanding cash

  • Never finishing a job to your satisfaction

  • Not wanting to quote because they’ve found a larger job

  • Over quoting because they see you are desperate

  • Providing a quote with no detail so you are left wondering where your money is going

  • Putting in a half days work and calling it a full days work

  • Seemingly buying the most expensive materials because they are making profit by charging you for them

  • Charging VAT when they are not VAT registered.

  • Walking filthy boots across your nice new carpet

  • treating you like your own opinion doesn’t count ….?

Then Spiller’s Services aim is to change this for the better